Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application


PEMEA (Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application) is a standard for access to European emergency services from mobile applications through audio, video and messaging communications in which Cestel actively participates both in its definition and in the developments and integrations with the different European institutions that are adopting it, for example in Slovenia, Greece, Romania and Spain.


Mission Critical Services


With the development of 5G/LTE mobile networks and the need for greater operational capabilities to the traditional MCPTT radio networks used in mission critical systems, a technological confluence is taking place in which Cestel is actively participating by offering in its Calypso product the integration with MCX infrastructure operating over 5G/LTE networks and the development of mobile applications compatible with this technology.


Video Call Center

Cestel has been developing video call centre solutions since 2006 before today's networks had the capacity and bandwidth they have today, so it has accumulated extensive experience in this type of environment, currently offering both traditional video call centre solutions and native solutions based on PEMEA, or complementary to legacy technology that offer the video channel as an additional and complementary element.


Tetra / Tetrapol

Traditional communications networks for radio communication by mission critical services is a fundamental part of the integrations that Cestel has been involved in for years with 112, medical services, local police and all types of public bodies. Cestel offers a wide variety of solutions to operate and integrate these types of networks with each other and with conventional telephony either through infrastructure connections or by remote connection to on-board equipment thanks to our own RoIP technology.


Next Generation 112


The new generation of IP network to provide telephone service to citizens also reaches the new generation emergency centres and Cestel offers all kinds of solutions and integration with this network of its emergency and mission critical products based on Calypso without forgetting NGeCall. As a reference supplier of the eCall solution at national level, we also offer the evolution of this service to the new generation of IP telephony network following the European standard.