CESTEL took part in SEDEXPO 2022, which is an international event focused on Security, Defense, and Emergencies.

CESTEL actively participated in the I International Security, Defense and Emergency Fair, SEDEXPO 2022, held between November 17 and 19 at the Feira Internacional de Galicia ABANCA. The fair closed its doors after three days in which exhibition and activities came together to launch an event that aims to become an effective meeting point for companies, organizations and professionals.

The event, inaugurated by the conselleira do Mar, Rosa Quintana, and the conselleiro do Medio Rural, José González, was attended by three thousand visitors, most of whom were professionals from the sectors involved.

Grupo CESTEL was present with an exhibition stand and also had the participation of its CEO, Fernando Ortiz, in the technical conference: "The machines call us to 112" organized by AXEGA.

The event, with the greatest development in the security and emergency sectors, welcomed 284 exhibiting companies from 26 countries, of which 92 were direct exhibitors and the rest were represented by them. These entities present at the fair, which came from Spain, USA, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and Sweden, showed the latest technology.

Both the majority of the participating companies and the organization value this first edition positively, so that the date of the next event will be studied soon, either in 2023 for its consolidation and subsequent celebration every two years or its realization already in a space of two years. In any of the cases, the information transmitted to the organization means that its growth expectations for the next edition are remarkable.

In this edition of start has highlighted the great support that Sedexpo has received from a score of entities, groups and departments of the Xunta de Galicia and the Central Administration, as well as the Security Forces and Corps of the State. In addition, it has been sponsored by the Civil UAVs Initiative, a strategic initiative led by the Xunta de Galicia that aims to promote innovative solutions based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

An extensive program.

Sedexpo had a full program of activities, which were conducted by hundreds of experts. Among them, there were 91 presentations included in thirty days and the I International Congress of Forest Fires Interlumes, organized by the Consellería do Medio Rural in the event with great success. A large number that meant the operation of six rooms during the fair.

The topics addressed were of maximum interest, analyzing among many other aspects, the Spanish concept and the national security strategy, the integral system of emergency radio communications of the State, public-private cooperation in economic intelligence, the present and future in the regulation of private security, drones in emergency and rescue situations, intelligence and business or corporate cyber intelligence, hybrid threats and cybersecurity, intelligence in armed conflicts such as the one in Ukraine, communication solutions with 112, digital transformation in security and emergency agencies, fire protection, the present and future of the Local Police in Galicia or the Guardia Civil in the security of major events.

There were also workshops on basic life support and semi-automatic external defibrillation and stress management in crisis and emergency situations, as well as presentations and board meetings.
On the other hand, there were numerous demonstrations, such as fire extinguishing systems, rescue equipment, portable lifeguards, security and rescue drones, a system that allows encrypted transmission of the information collected by a drone to any part of the world via LTE or the D-Gun drone and deterrent drone.

Sedexpo thus made effective its hallmarks, with a dynamic exhibition that allowed to see through demonstrations what in other fairs is shown in a much more static way, and with a full program of conferences that provided a broad vision of these sectors.


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