CESTEL participated in the ETSI NG eCall 2022 Plugtest.

With the implementation of the new 5G and NGN networks, Europe has evolved the eCall system by developing a new regulation for what is known as NGeCall. In 2020 the first plugtest was called remotely due to the pandemic in which Cestel actively participated (https://twitter.com/ETSI_STANDARDS/status/1324746854299508736).

In November 2022 the 2nd plugtest is going to be held in Slovenia in person, for which Cestel is already registered (https://www.etsi.org/events/2115-ng-ecall-plugtests-2?jjj=1665992197762).

It is a privilege and an honor for Cestel to be able to participate and contribute its experience in this international event.


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