Cestel acquires the GHALE business unit, of Chapsvision Cybergov, to boost accessibility in the emergency centers 112 throughout Europe.

Cestel, a Spanish software and telecommunications company, expert in mission-critical systems, has taken since February 1, 2024, the reins of GHALE, the emergency platform of Chapsvision Cybergov, a leading French company in the defense sector.

GHALE (GeoHub Advanced Location Element) is the name of an innovative platform that, in accordance with the ETSI PEMEA standard, allows European citizens to contact emergency centers 112 using the applications of their countries of origin without having to install several apps when traveling from one EU country to another. GHALE is specially designed to eliminate communication barriers for people with disabilities, being suitable and usable for people with visual and hearing limitations, and improving accessibility for older people.

The integration of GHALE will favor Cestel's positioning as a reference provider of accessible mission-critical solutions for emergency centers 112 throughout Europe.

This operation is the result of a fruitful collaboration of more than three years between both companies. Cestel's experience and innovative vision, enriched with the service offering of the GHALE solution, will allow them to face new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in the 112 sector.

"We firmly believe that this acquisition paves the way for a significant internationalization of our services" said Fernando Ortiz, CEO of Cestel. "We would also like to highlight Cestel's commitment to continuously improving the accessibility of our services, in accordance with European regulations for people with disabilities, in order to offer an even more inclusive and rewarding experience."

For its part, Cestel also has a historical track record in the field of accessibility where it has been developing specialized video interpretation contact centers, such as the SVisual platform, which is used by the CNSE (State Confederation of Deaf People). Cestel also announces that SVisual will soon be PEMEA compatible to extend the accessibility of deaf people to emergency and social care services.

"We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to the development of the GHALE platform in recent years," said Olivier Dellenbach, CEO of ChapsVision. "This sale will allow Cestel to integrate the emergency calling platform into a homogeneous offer. We look forward to continuing to work with Cestel in the government activities of the Chapsvision group."

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